Samsung is about to release the phone of the future.

 Samsung’s new foldable phone  — said to be called the Galaxy X,  Galaxy F, Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Flex.  We believe the first model will be the Galaxy X, and the next version will be the Galaxy F.

Samsung issued a  teaser video saying, “The future of mobile will unfold on Feb. 20, 2019,” alongside imagery of Korean and English words that spell out “the future unfolds” sliding along an invisible curved surface. 

While the video reveals much in way of details or info, it does confirm that Samsung will use its  Galaxy S10  launch event to also talk about its foldable phone in detail.

We believe to see the new folding phone by Samsung showed off at the upcoming developer’s conference this past November.  

The company’s foldable phone is slated to arrive in the first half of 2019. It’s already generating tech envy, and people wanting to be the first to have it.
What to expects in the new Galaxy F – Folding Phone from Samsung, 
  • The 5G chipset for real 5G connections
  • Super fast CPU
  • Foldable screen, dual screen, with very large hard drive
  • 1TB Drive
  • Android’s new “One UI”
  • This phone will be the focus and must have for most tech and business people in 2019 / 2020. 
The new foldable design help to increase the phones screen size, while trying to keep the device portable enough to carry around in a pocket of your shirt, or pants.
Samsung will release its new phone on Feb 20th 2019

Samsung is number 1 in phones, but Chinese phone vendors are fighting to get into the market as well.

















Samsung new screen – “Infinity Flex” Samsung designed a new thinner display to use with the next generation phones. 

It cut the thickness of the polarizer layer, which helps make the screen legible, by 45 percent.

The Infinity Flex is made of polymer, which is to fancy type of plastic, used on stealth aircraft and other high tech equipment.

Estimates by tech junkies suggest that the 4.5 exterior screen has a Gorilla Glass cover material like the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 phones.


To be clear – we believe Galaxy X will be a phone for this quarter 2019, and Galaxy F (Fold Phone) will be next in line to be released this year or next year.


T-Mobile nationwide low-band 5G:

Using the low-band 600 Mhz spectrum T-Mobile / Sprint is readied to saturate the Market with 5G on a nationwide platform.  5G for everyone at the same time!

The low-band 600 MHz supported by T-Mobile and Sprint will allow for 5G coverage for hundreds of square miles per tower!  They will be able to offer 5G in most areas already covered by T-Mobile or Sprint.

Compared to the other carriers using millimeter wave (mmWave) that at best is only 1 square mile and needs nearly line of sight for higher speeds. This makes the T-Mobile low-band 5G a game changer for the end of 2019 and early 2020!  Speeds of 500 Mbs will allow it to compete with internet carriers on all fronts, a complete wireless network with speeds rivaling cable internet, fiber and fast ethernet.



  • Speeds of 500MBs or faster across the whole nation.
  • Sprint & T-mobile together will also be delivering an even faster version of full 5G in metro areas.
  • 5G Sprint – The Sprint & T-mobile 5G rolling out at the same time in 2020, or near the same time should have the speeds promised as true 5G in metro and areas typically covered by Sprint.

Negatives: T-mobile low-band 5G will be supported in most areas with higher speeds than 4G LTE, but not the 1GB or 10 GB speeds of short-range mmWave. 


Phones and Network:

It is rumored that Samsung and Nokia are planning phones and network technology around the new Low-Band 5G.

 T-Mobile – Road to 5G

Since launching Verizon 5G Home in early October 2018, Verizon has been unwilling to show area maps of its 5G coverage areas in the four original cities. 

The goal of Verizon 5G Home is to compete with cable companies and the local internet providers to offer great speeds and a good price.  The hope is to establish a large enough book of business to help offset the construction costs of the business 5G network which will require the Verizon 5G network to be more significantly larger in size, stable and handle a more demanding end-user base.

I believe Verizon is moving cautiously and working out the bugs as they go.  Once they get the process down and have more experienced crews to help upgrade the network then it will roll out faster.

PC Mag put together some data and here it is: 

Verizon 5G Home Map – Sacramento

Verizon 5G HOME - Maps

Verizon 5G Home Map – Houston

Verizon 5G HOME - Maps


Verizon 5G Home Map – Indianapolis

Verizon 5G HOME - Maps

Verizon 5G Home Map – Los Angeles

Verizon 5G HOME - Maps

Huawei Ban:

Starting with the USA, and now Australia and most likely Canada the Chinese Technology company Huawei 5G is banned.  The USA government has officially warned other countries that use such technology from government use to stop.

Article: – U.S. lobbies Germany, Italy, and Japan to ban Huawei 5G equipment.

Article: Bloomberg – Huawei Likely Faces 5G Ban in Canada

While the EU / German government has allowed the 5G expansion in their countries.

My commentary on the subject of banning Huawei 5G in the USA and other western countries.

YES, for many reasons the Huwaei should be banned in the USA and other free economic countries.

5G Internet changing the World.

  • The technology poses real security risks, at best the company is only a shell, shadow company for the Chinese security and military regime.  To expect or think that is not the case, means you have not been watching China closely enough for the last 15 years.
  • Keeping them out of the Western Market will allow for none government-sponsored companies like Qualcomm, MediaTek, and other western and Asia companies a chance to compete in this new communication arena which is good for everyone. 
  • A long history of stealing technology and trade secrets by Chinese companies from others worldwide, yet nearly impossible to get China to do to anything about it.
  • Human Rights – China has zero respect or concern for none mandarin Chinese peoples.
  • Tibetian People – Did we learn nothing of what they did to Tibit and its people?  Where they stole the natural resources, took control of the country and gave the business opportunities and jobs to just the Chinese people sent there by China. Then slowly watched as Tibetan people with each new generation became the 3rd world slaves and poverty-stricken outcasts in their own country. 
  • China Sea – we slowly watched China kill miles after mile of natural sea reefs to build artificial islands on property zones that did not belong to them.  Then military resources installed on the islands with demands that everyone else must stay away. The locations of these fake islands are used to restrict sea movement around key areas of China sea. Today the islands are guarded by Chinese nuclear submarines.  The islands themselves are not the goal or what they are really protecting. They are the excuse to guard a large area of natural travel ways of boats in and out of the China Sea.  They have almost effectively used these fake islands as a buffer to threaten Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and other countries nearby for access to common waterways and the natural resources nearby.  There is a logical systematic ruthlessness to the China economic war machine and almost no one noticed or reported the abuses of the building of these islands until it was too late?
  • China has been a long time weapons dealer to Iran and Iraq and other fringe countries that have threatened the USA, Isreal, and other western nations.   
  • Huawei is the technology face of China that sales technology to banned countries. 
  • Hui people and Uyghurs and other people in China regions are systematically being moved into re-education camps. Where they are taught to accept the Socialist Leaders of China as objects of worship and human rights groups are banned to confirm how the people are being treated. Estimates show over 1 million people in secret camps all over China being assimilated, as you read this.
  • China has a long history of taking none Mandrian speaking cultures in China and denying them basic needs, jobs, and medical help.  They simply ignore the people until they slowly die away as a culture or become assimilated.
  • War by economics – China borrows billions in low-cost loans from the World Bank that is used to squeeze out loans to other countries.  Then offers loans to poor nations to only be spent on China’s technology and labor forces as package deals.  In Africa, Pakistan, other small countries China is hoping that they will default. Then uses this influence to create small colonizing centers in these poorer countries supporting just Chinese people.  They are using this method to slowly transfer the wealth and resources of these countries back to China.  A human version of  Chinese checkers where the Chinese government and businesses slowly overwhelm poor countries with this debt owed to them. The goal of this process is to build a pathway for Chinese dominance worldwide with this debt and slow occupation by Chinese loyalists. 
  • 5G technology will just be another offering to other poor countries as a carrot on a stick with the goal of slowly overcoming that poorer country with high-interest loans to China. While at the same time slowly embedded Chinese people for land grabs, key businesses sectors and other forms of an economic takeover to overcome the local people of the region with China’s economic power.  They slowly make the peoples of origin poverty-stricken slaves to the Chinese. 
  • 5G hardware and control of worldwide data networks will allow China’s government too much power, too much influence, too much control over other governments with little to no checks or balances.

AT&T 5GE, the trouble in the marketing of it.

Some people using the newest beta IOS started seeing “5GE”, instead of “4G” or “LTE”.

But Apple doesn’t sell an iPhone that supports 5G standards, and AT&T doesn’t yet offer 5G service for mobile phones as of yet.

In fact, what those customers saw was an AT&T marketing campaign at the infancy on its new rollout ahead of time. AT&T has branded parts of its 4G network as 5GE, or “5G Evolution.” and plans to start there with better than average 4G, but not quite 5G speeds.

Apple has in the Beta IOS added that branding to the latest version of its mobile operating system as well, but it does not mean that anyone phone’s connection is actually faster as of yet.

This is strictly a marketing campaign, yet to be realized, but in the works.

AT&T drew criticism from competitors that offer the same network technologies. Now, Sprint is suing AT&T, arguing that its advertising is deceptive. “It harms consumers by holding out AT&T’s services as more technologically advanced than Sprint’s and enticing consumers to switch wireless service providers (or remain AT&T subscribers) under false pretenses,” the lawsuit, which was filed Thursday and spotted by Engadget, says.

AT&T argues that consumers know the difference between its “5GE” offering and actual 5G. “We introduced 5G Evolution more than two years ago, clearly defining it as an evolutionary step to standards-based 5G,” an AT&T spokesperson said in a statement. “5G Evolution and the 5GE indicator simply let customers know when their device is in an area where speeds up to twice as fast as standard LTE are available.”

Whether customers can discern the difference will be the heart of the lawsuit, says H. Jonathan Redway, an attorney at Dickinson Wright with a background in false advertising cases. If AT&T loses, it might have to pay Sprint for lost customers and also shell out for an advertising campaign to correct the record.

The suit shows a desire for Sprint to protect a market brand until companies can rise up and meet the criteria of 5G speeds as the brand promises to consumers.  Sprint with its current technology will most likely be a big player for middle-speed 5G for long distances and wants when it releases Sprint 5G it will not be confused with lesser speed services or just Enhanced 4G called by AT&T 5GE.

AT&T should change the name to 4GE, not 5GE, this will make the marketing of it more clear for the consumer and not damage the potential image of 5G services.


5G Internet changing the World.

The four largest US mobile carriers have largely settled on the LTE, or “Long Term Evolution” standard for their 4G networks. AT&T’s “5G Evolution” is the company’s name for the newer “LTE Advanced” standard.

All four major carriers now support LTE Advanced, but only AT&T calls it 5G Evolution. It is believed in some markets where the beta IOS shows 5GE. This will be the proving ground for AT&T 5GE – which is not enhanced 5G, or 5G at all, but it is faster than average 4G LTE.

It is hard to sell the reasoning of 5G enhanced, when AT&T does not even have 5G standard in place?